Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Digital Ripples in the Physical World

I realized a few days ago that one of my two Gmail accounts spontaneously stopped forwarding to the one I usually log on to. In turn, I missed out on work opportunities and important messages from a few of my teachers. It's amazing how a defect in cyberspace with purely digital information can have very real effects in the physical realm...Definitely something to think about with the digitization of our existence.

Speaking of which, a student in my class made a presentation the other day about Transhumanism, which is an intellectual movement that is advocating for the advancement of human nature through technology. As humans become infused with technology which, if you wear classes you already are, where is the line that defines who gets to vote and who doesn't? Who has the right to participate in sports or is woo mechanically enhanced to do so? Who is human and who isn't? How will we reconcile equity issues when people with the proper income can become perfect, and those without remain flawed? What will happen when machines can think and be self conscious? What will happen when our thoughts are uploaded to the Web and our bodies cease to be necessary at all?

What, then, will happen when an "inbox" in part of our brains spontaneously stops forwarding messages to another "inbox?"

By the way, another piece of mail lost in my Gmail account fiasco was a Google Wave invite from September that I finally just activated. Thoughts on that momentarily...

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