Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Haven't felt qualified to post here in quite a while... I drafted a few things that never panned out and have since been in a state of intense but healthy disequilibrium.

Things are starting to ramp up here at school with my master's thesis impending. I might pop in and out here to think about that, but otherwise I think I'll just start posting cool things I find on the Internet that are tangentially related to anything.

Like this cyborg arboretum:

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  1. blogging now for quite some time.... i find it interesting how most people really plan their blog posts. for me i've always shot from the hip, unconcerned about the inklings of mere mortals.....if you choose you can see my unsolicited musings at www.kellerarch.com/blog

    i do enjoy your blog and am an rss subscriber..

    blog on
    blog out