Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Wow, the latter half 2010 was a doozy for blogging, huh? Twenty-eleven is going to be a big comeback, I think. Maybe.

I'm working on my thesis now which is taking up quite a bit of my brain power. I will write about it here when it's a bit more set in stone. I also have a bunch of ideas I've been working on about pop culture and technology, but I think those will have to be put on the back burner until I've progressed on this thesis creature.

Speaking of creatures and brainpower, I wrote a post about literature over at The Things They Read. Here's an excerpt:
You know how in the The Matrix Morpheus and Trinity strap down Neo into that chair on The Nebuchadnezzar and hook that thing up to the hole in his neck and email him into the computer program designed to simulate 21st century society in sleeping humans’ minds while the sentient machines consume their bodies for energy? Well, books are kind of like that. (Bear with me.) All 2012 robot apocalypse connotations aside, what I’m getting at is that meaningful fiction allows us to enter a kind of opposite matrix: instead of leaving a “real” world and entering a virtual simulacrum to facilitate enslavement, literature allows us to leave an experience of the physical world dominated by language to access a more viscerally “real” one constructed between our minds and the writer’s. Inside our heads, literature (and probably other creative artifacts) liberates us from the desensitized contentment of the linguistic world by warping us to psychic simulations that we feel rather than articulate. More...
Until next time, here's a picture:

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